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The Cutglass Voices

Now including children
    Hils Barker

    Comedy, Comic, Funny, Ironic, RP, Accents, Versatile, Sophisticated, Documentary, Narration Satire, Satirical

    Ollie Hickey

    RP, Versatile, Characters, Animations, Joker, Accents: USA, American, Cartoons

    Natalie Hughes

    RP, Smooth, Bubbly, Warm, Young, Sexy, Sophisticated, Engaging.

    Monte Madsen

    American, USA, Rockies, Deep, Smooth, Rich, Warm

    Ivy Sayers

    RP, Young, sophisticated, London, Accents, Bubbly, Friendly, Sexy

    Andrew St.Clair James

    Rich, Deep, Sincere, Friendly. Can do: Carribean, Grenada, African


    Scottish, Sophisticated, Accents, Bubbly, Friendly, Sexy.


    RP, Child, London

    Louise Bakker

    RP, Sophisticated, Warm Friendly, Sexy, Bubbly

    Sam Benjamin

    RP, versatile, Characters, Animations, Accents: Scottish, USA, American, Cartoons


    RP, Child, London

    Philip Cohen

    RP, Deep, Mature, Friendly, Characters, Animations, Accents.

    Mark Felgate

    Comedy, London, RP, Deep, Mature, Friendly, Characters, Animations, Accents.

    Emily Cass

    Young, Bubbly, Warm Friendly, Engaging, RP, Up-beat.

    Daniel Kerry

    Mature, Friendly, Characters, Animations, Accents, Comedy, London, RP.

    Laura Bough

    RP, Sexy, Sophisticated, Warm, Friendly, Engaging.

    James Percy

    Friendly, Deep, Characters, Animations, Accents, Comedy, London, RP.

    Lara West

    Friendly, Engaging, Clear and Approachable, Sophisticated, Casual London, UK and International Accents, RP, .

    Alan Thorpe

    RP, Deep, Mature, Approachable, Friendly, Characters.

    Nick Worters

    Friendly, Characters, Sophisticated, Children's stories, Accents, Comedy, London, RP.

    Jasmine Lawrence

    RP, Young, Engaging, Bubbly, RP, Up-beat, Friendly, Sexy

More Voices coming soon