A brief history of

Cutglass Voices

And To The Future

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Phil Corran attends the Music Technology and Audio Production Course at Media Production Facilities in Brixton, South London.

After completing this course and with the help of a loan, Phil buys a Pro Tools Audio set up and sets up a music studio in the heart of Camden.


Move to Hendon
Hendon days

The studio is moved to a film studio at the old Sports Pavillion in Hendon, North London

Being alongside a big film studio helps pull in business and gain experience in the production of all sorts of media.

Phils long term friend Matt, an actor, asks him to record some scripts as a favour. He didn't know it at the time but this was the first Voicereel Phil had produced.

Phils actor friend goes away with a CD and within days gains paid Voice employment

Phils friend's friends approach him for a similar service. Mates rates!


teleporting humans

Phil records and produces Voicereels as a sideline to his main job.

Phil's reputation as a Voicereel producer grows quickly.

This carries on, in a "word-of-mouth" capacity for a few years, progressivly gaining volume in terms of business.


Cutglass is born!

The Voicereel workload reaches the point that it can't work alongside a regular job, so Phil quits the day job and focuses on the Studio, in particular, Voicereels.

The Cutglass brand is concieved at this time. (the name Cutglass comes from the expression "a voice like cutglass", meaning clear, and "the cutglass accent", meaning well spoken, even posh).


Cutglass Voices is born!

Phil puts up a website to demonstrate what he can do for potential Cutglass customers Voices by showing examples of his work online (audio recordings customers Voicereels).

Production companies and Advertising agents begin calling up asking if they can use the customers Voice on a project or advert.

Phil obliges by passing on the customers contact details. DOH!

The idea of the the Cutglass Voice Agency is conceived as a result of these calls, and Cutglass Voices is born

The business is conducted in a spare room at home in Crouch End, using a cordened off alcove as a vocal booth. The customers were pleased with the results nonetheless.

Cutglass gets a professional web designer to develop a website that can cope with the audio and photos needed for an Agency and Voicereel production company. This is done with flash technology - a well used web format at the time, good for animated web content and audio. Little did the disigners know, next year, Apple was to unleash the iPhone onto the world, and Apple did not intend to intergrate Flash into thier iOS

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Cutglass Moves to Camden

Meanwhile Cutglass is expanding and, in order to effectively manage the growing business, Cutglass moves to a bigger, smarter new location between Kentish Town and Chalk farm in Camden Town, London.


Cutglass Moves to Camden

Cutglass moves to the Chocolate Factory in Wood Green.